A Conversation with the Sleeping Monk

When you first meet Louis, you take one look at this guy and he is utterly glowing. His blue eyes are sparkling and his smile is contagious. I spotted Louis at the Expo West convention back in the Spring. He was handing out a business card near one of the booths and I recognized his company logo on the card, the face of a monk with his eyes gently closed.  I had seen the products in Moon Juice, which is one of my favorite juice shops in LA. It is is filled with leading edge health products that I have tried and love passionately. So I asked him if he knew anything about the product and he said that he was the owner. I told him I was interested in trying his product. Being the generous person he is, he let me sit down with him to hear more about his story and sample the whole line. 

     His story is what draws me so much to the product. He grew up a surfer from Malibu with parents who were not there for him emotionally. He did what he could to fill this hole in his heart. In college he learned how to play guitar and began pursuing it as a career. By the time he was 30 he landed a record deal and became full on rock star. While traveling the world, he was achieving success on the outside but not filling his body with the real love and nourishment that it craved on the inside. He was using drugs to numb the pain that was still left behind from his past. His diet consisted of mostly “coffee, rice and sunflower seeds”, which would be enough to leave anyone feeling deprived. He exercised excessively to fit the rock star mold, which drained his adrenals by overworking his body. Finally, he decided to get sober. Shortly after making this decision, the girl he thought was “the one” decided to look for love elsewhere. His body, his mind and his spirit were all fried to the core. He needed a change. Then something miraculous happened. He got a job working with the renowned Dr. Schulze who is well known for his line of health and wellness products and cleanses. He began learning his ways, tried all of  his products in the hopes of resoring his well-being. 

     It was during that time that he began to fall in love with Chinese Tonic herbalism. From the mystical stories of sages living up to 237 years old to women with skin as smooth as a princess', the herbs themselves proved to be just as miraculous. After a lot of destruction, they helped restore the balance in Louis’ body. Over time Louis developed this incredible line of Chinese herbal tonics, which is another story we will get into another time. There are four formulas: Immortal (longevity formula), Well Rested (deep sleep formula), Mind Sharpener (brain formula) and Super Immunity (immune protection formula). After about a month of trying his products I have noticed significant change in my own body. I feel this great sense of calm that I have never experienced before. As someone who has a difficult time slowing down I noticed that the well rested formula slows down my mind chatter and my relentless need to always be "doing" something. I feel this quieting effect almost immediately. The other great change I noticed was the strength of my immunity. Recently when I got very ill, I noticed that my body recovered much more quickly than I had anticipated. I believe it was because I was taking the Super Immunity Formula. I feel better than I did before I even got sick. I use all four formulas but I wait at least an hour before switching. I recommend everyone to try these products because they have improved my life for the better. I am happy to say that Louis is now thriving. He turned his heartbreak and depleted state into a heartfelt and effective line of products that balances so many people's bodies, which is a state that so many of us crave and only some of us know to be possible. I hope you try his products and experience their power for yourself.