Recalibrate Your Wheels 

Have you ever felt that food isn't the only thing that "feeds" us? What about our passions, our relationships, our spiritual practices? Don't these feed you but in a different way? I began exploring these ideas and found that food can come in many shapes and forms. For us to live at our optimum level we must balance out all of the things that feeds us, or as Mufasa said once, the "circle of life". His circle of life is a little different than mine, but I think this version will help you map out where you are in your life RIGHT NOW in a more dynamic and visual way.


The Circle of Life Exercise

(Estimated time: 5 minutes) 

What does you life look like right now? 

  1. Place a dot on the line in each category to indicate how satisfied you are with each area. Place a dot at the center of the circle to indicate dissatisfaction or on the periphery to indicate satisfaction. Most people fall somewhere in between. (See example below) 
  1. Connect the dots to see your Circle of Life.
  2. Identify imbalances. Determine where to spend more time and energy to create balance.
  3. Don't be worried if your wheel looks dysfunctional, mine looked like that too when I first did this. Yet when I saw my own wheel, it showed me where I needed the most help. You can't drive your ferrari with funky wheels can you? When your wheel looks more like a circle and less like an abstract painting you can actually go faster and move more efficiently through life. 
  4. Print out your circle of life and put it up somewhere where you can see it! This will help remind you on the things you need to work on and also show you where you are strong.