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with Amelia Whelan

Hello superfoodies! It's me, Rosie! As promised in my first post today I have a interview for y'all to read with one of my favorite instagramers, Amelia Whelan or saltsandandsmoothies. Her posts range from the beautiful island of Hawaii to delicious vegan food! Over the last few months we have emailed back and forth and whenever we talk I always feel positive and less stressed. Her instagram truly embodies both physical and mental wellness! Enjoy and make she to check her out! 

 Age, insta name/type, location, fun fact? 

My name is Amelia McGowan-Whelan. I am 20 years old and run both@SaltSandandSmoothies on Instagram as well as @AmeliaWhelan. One foodie, one personal :) Little fun fact that many people don't know is that my absolute favorite hobby is SCUBA diving. I have completed a little over 100 dives and am certified PADI rescue diver. 

What inspired you to create a fitness instagram? 

I was initially inspired to create my health and wellness Instagram account when I decided to pursue my career as a holistic health coach. I began my studies with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and took it from there. I want to share my love, passion and knowledge on a plant based vegan diet as well as the really upbeat, positive and simple life that I live here in Hawaii. I thought that social media was my best bet for being able to spread my account internationally and connect with others from around the world. I am so fortunate to be where I am in my life and really enjoy sharing pictures/stories of my days spent on O'ahu. Finding inspiration for all of my post is so simple being surrounded by such a gorgeous environment and motivational atmosphere. 


What is the hardest part about staying healthy at a young age? 

I can say with all honesty and confidence that I personally do not find one aspect of my healthy lifestyle difficult. I believe that a lot of the time we chose to make certain situations more complex and stressful than need be. I eat and live the way I do because I have discovered that this lifestyle is what makes me feel most beautiful and confident in my own skin. I choose to fuel my body with a plant based vegan diet because I am compassionate for all beings and want my body to thrive on foods that are alive and nutrient dense. 

How do you find inspiration to stay fit? 

I find inspiration to stay fit anywhere and everywhere. Wether it be seeing a public yoga class held in the park while biking to work, watching joggers run on the beach, or even just observing my best friend, Lacey @ideal__living practice pilates at home. I love myself most when I am fit and in shape. I want to continue to strengthen my body and am so fortunate to live in a community that takes pride in many types of physical exercise - Surfing, Swimming, Biking + Hiking. 

If you could only do one type of excercise for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Run. I can't believe I am saying that, because I was the girl who would find any possible excuse to skip Cross Country practice in high school. Over the past year I discovered a new found love for the sport and used the time I spent running to listen to some really great podcasts, audio books, lectures, presentations and music. I enjoyed the time I spent running because it was almost like down time. A break from everything else I had to cram into my day. I even trained with my older sister, Shana and together we completed our first full marathon this past april on the North Shore of O'ahu. 26.2 Miles Oh baby! 

Has your instagram success led to other opportunities in your life?  

@SaltSandandSmoothies has lead to so many amazing opportunities for me in many aspects of my life and career as a Health Coach. Through my instagram account I have been able to meet so many like minded people, discover some great companies and brands whom are interested in selling and spreading the word of eco-friendly, organic and vegan every day products as well as branch out and create my own network. I have been able to advance my personal clientele through instragram and was introduced to many other accounts that inspire, educated and excite me with each and every post. If It weren't for@SaltSandandSmoothies I wouldn't be here with @SuperFoodsSuperLife - and because of that I am so stoked and incredibly grateful! 

I hope you enjoyed this interview and feel motivated to live a fuller and healthier life! I think we should all go for run! Let me know if you did!  See you next time xoxo,


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