Mercado Sagrado

Went to one of the most magical and well curated art festivals I've ever been to called Mercado Sagrado this past weekend in Topanga Canyon. These artisans are so talented and dedicated to their craft. We don't have any excuse not to do the thing we love the most. Seize the moment and make something special.

My Favorite Artisans

Zen Bunni / delicious biodynamic chocolate made in the heart of Venice

Sun Potion /  super foods + herbs that transform you from head to toe

Shiva Rose / holistic lifestyle blogger with divine rose products 

Daughter of the Sun /  Hawaiian goddess, jewelry designer and founder of the incredible Spirit Weaver's Gathering 

Be What You Dream / artist Diana Garcia draws up a world where human and animal worlds collide 

Samantha Jacober / creates one of a kind light sculptures from naturally occurring wood formations

Radiant Human / the traveling aura photographer 

Midnight Pops / all natural + all good + all delicious ice pops 

Wild Omen / stoneground organic dark chocolate with exotic flavors like piñon pine 

Scents of Awe / wild + organic essential oils and body products that stop you in your tracks

Jacqueline Suskin /  an honest poet, you choose your topic + pay her your price

Poppy & Someday / healing + unique body products crafted by an ayurvedic practitioner

La Tierra Sagrada / toxic free hair care made from the best of plant medicine