Muchas Gracias Madre

      Stopped by this lovely joint the other day for lunch. Yes, it was in the mid-90's and Mexican food is not necessarily the most "cooling" choice of food but what I got was deliciously worth it. I ordered something called "the bowl" and yes, it was served in a bowl. It contained romaine lettuce, brown rice, black beans, guacamole, tempeh chorizo, pico de gallo, cashew crema and topped with cilantro. The bowl was a great because I had just worked out incredibly hard and needed something satisfying. 

     More behind the restaurant...

Gracias Madre is truly an expression of who we are – it represents our deep love of and reverence for food, our commitment to health and sustainability, our unconditional love for our multicultural family and community, our devotion to the Earth and the divine feminine, and our commitment to raising consciousness on the planet.  It is our intention that the emphasis we place on the sourcing of our food will bring consciousness in the community to the importance of sustainability and of buying and selling locally grown organic food.