Food as Medicine

Hippocrates (460-377 BC) was an ancient Greek physician and is considered one of the most prominent figures in the history of medicine. He coined the infamous phrase, "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". 

    I had a really inspiring conversation yesterday. I spent several hours swapping stories and asking really thought-provoking questions with one of my all-time favorite bloggers, miss Lacy Phillips, the lovely lady behind Free + Native. We spoke about shamans in South America, her journey towards vibrant health, what our world is needing more of and most importantly how to consume food as medicine versus abusing it. 

    It is easy to think that just because the label says it's "gluten free", "healthy" or a "super food" you can finish the whole bag, yet, I don't believe these terms validate us to over indulge. To give you an example, when I eat chocolate  it is really hard for me to only have one piece. I usually go for the whole bar. In my eyes, this behavior is not very balanced so I choose to set a limit for how much I can have per week. I know that sugar triggers those happy hormones to go off in my brain and it's hard to stop once I start. There are many things that can be used medicinally for the body, other than sugar or chocolate, but we have lost respect for how much we consume. 

    Here are some small tips that have shifted my whole relationship with food. When I perform these small rituals I feel that I am giving it the respect that it deserves and am able to I consume in a much different manner. You can do all of the following silently in your head before eating a meal. 

1. Say thank you. Take the time to say thank you to whoever grew, packaged, delivered, cooked and even the seed that sprouted whatever food you may be holding in your hand.

2. Breathe. Before diving into your first bite, imagine all of your cells being reinvigorated by the nutrition you are about to receive. 

3. Bless your food. Not everyone is as fortunate to have food so bless whatever you have in front of you.