The Hit Bag that is Saving Our Planet

There are so many ways to conserve, but some are easier than others. Using the Green Garmento bag is a no brainer.

The GG bag is multi-functional and was developed by Entrepreneur and businesswoman, Jennie Nigrosh, to help green our dry cleaning routine and eliminate single-use plastic. It’s a reusable garment bag that serves as a hanging hamper, a duffel bag (for clothing storage), and protection for your clothes when you pick it up or store it after it’s cleaned. This product is pretty much a game changer for your whole clothing regime.

Nigrosh’s father owned a recycling plant that created cardboard. Growing up she “was taught from birth never to throw things away and most waste can have another purpose.” How many of us can say we look at our waste the same?
Culturally, Americans are so used to the single-use plastic way of life. It all accumulates in the garbage, and people don’t typically see the repercussions. It turns out that on average, America tosses five pounds of trash per person per day into its landfills. While we may not see these large piles of trash being pushed into the Earth, it does not mean they are not there and causing severe environmental damage to the planet.

Nigrosh is a go-getter and her success of the GG bag is a sign of the times that we are ready to evolve as a culture. Her bags have been featured on hit shows like Shark Tank and The Today Show and in newspapers and magazines like The New York Times and People Magazine. You can even find these bags at select dry cleaners or for purchase at big name stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond or Walmart. If your dry-cleaner doesn’t use them yet you can suggest that they reach out to the GG team and get on the bandwagon. It will save their business money as well as do their part to initiate good consumer habits.

Stuffing our trash into the Earth is not a smart solution and every piece of plastic counts. Nigrosh told me by using the GG bag, “the average person can save 6-8 pieces of single-use plastic garment covers per week”. The question is: can we make this functional bag an even bigger part of our culture? We must all do our part to help implement sustainable techniques, but so far so good.

Wisdom, ProductsAlexa Gray