Episode 01: Guru Jagat, Founder of the RA MA Institute

This is the first episode on the Well-Being Project. We begin our series with one of the most inspiring women in my life, Guru Jagat. She is a yoga instructor, co-founder of RA MA Yoga Institute in Venice, CA, Producer of RA MA Records and of RA-MA TV to name a few projects. She has revolutionized what it means to be an entrepreneur in the yoga world and works with her students on a regular basis to share the tools that have worked for her (which might include playing mantras during business meetings) and support their success as well. She is always working on new and exciting projects yet she still remains humble, grounded, hard-working and dedicated toward the livelihood of her students. This is why she inspires me and I know that her story will inspire you. Here are some of the topics we cover in the interview:

* Get to know Guru Jagat and how she found Kundalini 
* What is Kundalini Yoga anyway?
* How is Kundalini useful for us in our everyday lives?
* How to become enlightened in traffic
* The idea of mastering polarity 
* How to deactivate jealousy 
* How giving fuels her business 
* How we consume even beyond food and do it without guilt
*Guru Jagat's Top 3 tips for living a Super Life

*Profile of Guru Jagat in the slideshow was taken from Well+Good