SFSL interview with Julie Morris is up on The Chalkboard Magazine

IF THERE WAS a queen of the superfoodie set, Julie Morris would be it. As the NYT bestselling author of not one but now four superfood-based cookbooks, Julie’s an expert at working the most nourishing (and unexpected!) of ingredients into recipes that impress. Strawberry basil smoothies? Yes please. Mint-chip “milkshakes?” Bring it. If we didn’t know her recipes were filled with ingredients like tomatoes, watercress, and cashews, we’d never know the difference – she’s that good.

Wherever you are on your health journey, Julie meets you there. Whether you are a beginner or a certified naturopath, there is something in Superfood Snacks for everyone. Through over 100 recipes, Julie is showing us how to satisfy cravings in a healthier way. Craving salty foods? Julie suggests your body is actually craving minerals, especially calcium. These kind of invaluable details are woven throughout the book and can help you make better choices about snacking!