Consciously Chic On A Whole New Level with Anita Arze for Coco Eco Magazine

Anita Arze (Ar-zay) is an LA designer whose line doesn’t compromise ethics for style.

She has a basic line, featuring both pants and tops that are made locally in Los Angeles, and a hand made pima cotton line that includes handmade dresses, sweaters and shirts made in Peru and Bolivia. She sources from places where she grew up and where her original family is from.

Visiting Bolivia ever since she was a young girl, Arze grew up seeing the craftsmanship and artist communities that thrive there. She wanted to help artisans grow in business, and that is how this particular line started.

Arze’s line is dedicated ethical sourcing. It began when she watched the movie Earthlings, which showed the horrors of animal cruelty. “This had a profound impact on my friends and I,” she said. “The film deals with the suffering of animals and how we as a society use them without any concern of the fact that they are sentient beings. The film brings to the forefront the absolute cruelty involved in mass production of food, enslavement of animals in zoos and circuses, the fur and leather industry in fashion, and more.”

From there she began consuming foods, fashion and all things as much as possible in a more conscious way. She uses the beautiful pima cotton, which is hand harvested in Peru and also Alpaca, and is both sourced from Bolivia and Peru. There is no harm done to the animals and they are a part of the communities as well as the families of the artists who live there.

What’s fascinating about Anita is that she uses organic cotton. She found out from health expert David Wolfe who said that “pesticide residues can remain on processed fiber clothing, including cotton. When you sweat in those types clothes the chemicals can be absorbed directly into the skin.” So Anita took this to heart and chooses to go organic even with her clothes.

Every piece is comfortable, chic and consciously made. You can be proud of what you are wearing and still feel sexy throughout your day. “You could get up, go to yoga, then to a business meeting and then to dinner. All you had to do was change your shoes and jewelry”. | |


PHOTO CREDIT: Alexa Gray, images feature the Anita Arze SS15’ Collection