Featured as a Woman in Wellness on Vidya Living

"In this world, where life is fast and furious and sometimes tough, there’s nothing more important than intimate and authentic connections with a loving community of sisters. This monthly Q&A series is all about sharing some of my favorite women in wellness and how they shape, shift and uplift others to live life more fully. This month’s feature is the lovely Alexa Gray of Super Food Super Life. Alexa is a connector in the wellness world, she brings amazing businesses together and co-creates incredible interviews, events and programs. A trained fine art photographer based in L.A., she loves behind the scenes interviews with natural product pioneers, which inspire her readers with informative stories from the front lines of the healthy lifestyle movement. This beauty also joins us in Malibu at the IWR Retreat each year to photograph the magic that happens at our oceanside retreat. Thrilled to welcome Alexa…!"