Ashley Neese

Holistic Nutritionist, yoga Instructor, energetic healer, and more, Ashley Neese has brought her diverse background and knowledge about health and healing to us desperately in need Angelenos.  I had signed up to do her sugar cleanse this past Spring and it really was really transformational for me. I had a pretty insane sweet tooth and I was looking for something to help kick the habit. I felt like I needed something sweet after every single meal. Thanks to Ashley and my commitment to the online cleanse, I had successfully eliminated sugar out of my diet for 10 days. It was nothing short of a miracle.

I still like to keep her close so I recently attend Ashley's breathing circle, which was incredibly calming and grounding (another thing we need if we live in the chaos of the city). I frequent  her amazing website + instagram for inspiration, since it's chock-full of recipes, articles and content that nourish the mind, body & soul. She's one of the most authentic and radically honest women I have ever met, and a big inspiration to me. Today she shares a little bit about her practice as well as the perfect Summer drink The Coconut Cilantro Cooler (below).

Take some time to chill out and without further ado...

Q+A with Ashley Neese

Q: What is your name and what do you do?

A: Hello! My name is Ashley Neese and I am a breathwork and yoga teacher, energy healer and holistic lifestyle mentor living in Los Feliz. I hold space for women one on one and in groups, supporting them to heal, step into their power and share their gifts with the world. 

Q: What are you currently focusing on in your business?

A: Right now I am focusing on my private practice, growing the women’s breathwork community and planning a retreat for the spring. It has been my dream for several years to lead an intimate women’s retreat and I am excited to start planning it. 


Q: How do you find your zen, while living in the busy city?

A: I’ve had a morning mantra and meditation practice for years, it keeps me grounded and joyful. I stay close to my women friends even if it’s just leaving a voice note or sending a text message. Another important aspect is connecting with nature, maybe it’s a trip to the ocean or a simple walk around the neighborhood noticing the plants. I’m a super sensitive person and living in big cities requires me to have a daily practice to ground and nourish myself. 

Q: What is your favorite recipe of the moment?

A: Obsessed with the Chlorella Ice Cream I created with my friends over at Sun Potion. It was just featured in the Chalkboard Mag and I am beyond excited about it!

Q: What are some of your next upcoming events?

A: I teach afternoon yoga every Wednesday 4:30pm at The Raven in Silverlake. This class is a combination of my studies in classical Hatha yoga, Kundalini and energy medicine. 

Several times a month I lead women’s breathwork circles, out next circle is August 8th. More circles will be added to the schedule soon. For the latest info sign up for my newsletter or follow along on Instagram.

Ashley's Upcoming Events 

Saturday, August 8, 5-6:30pm, Golden Sol, Los Feliz

Thursday, August 20th, 7-8:30pm, Communal DTLA

Coconut Cilantro Cooler

Serves 2

Ingredients //

  • 1 young coconut

  • 1 c. Aloe juice

  • 1 handful fresh cilantro

  • 1/2 lime, juiced

  • 5-10 drops liquid stevia

  • 1 drop lemongrass essential oil on toothpick (see above)

Method //

Crack open the coconut with a sharp cleaver. Start by cutting off of the husk on the top then use the edge of your knife to crack it open completely. Here is a How-To video that shows you the best way to crack it.

Once opened, pour the coconut water directly into your blender.  Scoop the meat out of the shell. Use a small, sharp knife to remove brown, pieces of shell from the meat. Then add the meat to the blender.

Add the aloe juice and blend that with the coconut water and meat until smooth. Next add the cilantro, lime juice, stevia and lemongrass oil. Blend well.

Pour into glasses and serve.

The juice can be kept in the fridge for 1 day. Blend before serving. If you prefer a different sweetener, dates or raw honey would work really well in this.