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My heart was swept away by artist and stop motion animation filmmaker, Cathryn Fowler, over a year ago. She is one of the many gems I have met through instagram. In person, she is one of the sweetest and most gentle souls I have ever met. A true friend and heart-centered person, her intention is to bring inspiration to all who she encounters. 

Made with passion and detail, her films inspire you to slow down and embrace the sweet moments. Many of the leaders in health and wellness have worked with Cathryn to create one of a kind videos that always grab the attention of their audiences. She makes the whole world dance around her. Prepare to dive into her magic on her new site Without further ado…

Q+A with Cathryn Fowler

Q: Where did you get your passion for health? 

A: Always being somewhat of a sensitive individual (I say crying is my second love language), a culmination of events in 2010 sparked by an intense, emotional trip back to South Africa (my place of birth), resulted in a health altering condition beginning in the gut. From there, there was a lot of exploration and self study sessions trying to get to the root of the cause, and along the way, I found some relief through traditional healing foods, adaptogenic herbs, and realizing the immense power of the mind-body connection. That journey held within it some of the darkest days of loneliness in my life, but it also led to an overwhelming desire to help others struggling; it also held within it a bright light of hope illuminated through my beliefs and peoples’ kindness and products that helped me regain my spark, helped me regain my life. It’s a bright light that I followed all the way out of the darkness and into my passion of promoting these same people, products, and kindness through my videos and actions. 

Q: Who are some of your health heroes and why? 

A:  There are so many here. There are the “big dogs,” if you will, like Donna Gates (Body Ecology), Weston Price, Dave Asprey, and Sally Fallon, whose research and healing programs emphasize a holistic health approach that includes mind, body, and soul. There are the people who pull from the knowledge and healing powers of the past, herbs that have helped for ages, like Scott and Nitsa from Sun Potion. And then there’s the more “behind the scenes” bloggers and people like the Purely Twins who introduced me to healing foods like grass fed gelatin and who emphasize a positive body image, seeing the beauty in yourself and in life. I am incredibly blessed to have stumbled across all these people and others like them. 

Q: What keeps you feeling balanced (foods/ activities) 

A: Daily doses of morning sun rays during walks with my husband and furry child (our dog-Braylee), morning movement (usually HIIT workouts), connecting with community & having a support system, nourishing meals with lots of greens and tonic herbs, practicing kindness and giving (i.e. illustrating surprise cards and gifts - thinking about other people & stepping outside of self absorption), and prayer time. Essentially, staying connected to myself, my community, nature, and my beliefs (and their source) - on a daily regimen. Simplicity is also a beautiful concept to me. 

Q: You make incredibly detailed stop animation videos, where do you get all that patience? Could you describe your creative process for connecting these works of art? 

A: Ah, yes, patience.  That is definitely needed…that and lots of sips of calming reishi, ashwagandha tea with deep breaths ;) Keeping balanced in the physical, spiritual, and emotional pillars of health, or at least trying to, naturally lends itself to manifesting patience and ease in daily life, so I pull from that. Also, a pleasant, organized, and bright work environment with natural lighting, tonic teas, sweet nibbles, and essential oils diffusing helps the equation. You really have to learn to love the process - it’s like those small in-between moments of life.  

With that being said, the sensitive precision of moving each piece in small increments one at a time, combined with unpredictable elements (hello life and running dog through the house!), problems arise and frustrations flare (remember that sensitive soul bit?) But, I believe that’s all part of the artistic process, all part of putting your heart and soul into each and every project that you create. So I run with it, and there’s a lot of music, laughing, sometimes crying, and dancing that takes place. I’m incredibly blessed to have access to a a great support system of people, as well as all the health products I consume. 

Concerning the creative process and steps for connecting my work to my passion of portraying health and happiness, usually a burden for someone weighs heavily on my heart, and I follow that trail until I develop something I think might bring a smile to their face (an inspirational stop motion video or education on a certain herb to help with a certain issue..etc). Then there’s just those amazing companies and people who are already cultivating happiness in people, and I want to recognize them and highlight their value. 

Also, creative sparks tend to come from connecting with inspiring people and random acts of kindness. Really, all I want to do is I leave people better off than when I found them, hopefully with a smile on their face and the light of hope in their eyes. Cheesy, yes? Haha. But, that’s me. I’m silly; silly and happy. And I want others to be to - it’s our birthright after all. 

Q: Walk us through a day of food for you... 

A:  A winter centered food walk through may look very similar to this: 

Upon waking, hydrating with lukewarm alkaline water, sometimes with FourSigmaFoods sports herbs added to help fuel my morning workout or simply a sprinkle of chlorella. 

Breakfast is usually a medicinal porridge mixture of gelatin, tigernut flour or tocotrionols, coconut flour, and immortal machine (a cacao hemp based protein powder with added herbs), with some tulsi or Dragon Herbs gynostemma tea to thicken to oatmeal consistency. I also add different adaptogenic tonic herbs and mushrooms attuned to how I feel and in preparation for the demands of that particular day (but chlorella, ashitaba, moringa, pine pollen, reishi, and he shou wu always tend to make an appearance.) A good sprinkle of goji berries and bee pollen, with a knob of coconut oil finish it off. Phew, that’s a lot, but it definitely helps me recover from my workout and fuels me for hours in a blissful state. I particularly like the slow morning ritual of gathering each individual ingredient while gathering my thoughts. 

Copious amounts of tea follow behind breakfast - usually Pu-erh or matcha, but sometimes Four Sigma Foods mushroom coffee. 

Lunch: Some mixture of wild caught salmon or local pastured eggs, ghee & turmeric roasted winter squash, avocado, and sauerkraut, all sitting on top of a bed of leafy greens, covered in kelp granules, sea salt, and raw apple cider vinegar. 

Copious amounts of tea follow lunch (see a trend here?) with sometimes a sweet nibble of Addictive Wellness or Zenbunni chocolate for dipping pleasure, with maybe a finger lick or two of tocotrionols. (Raw chocolate and tocotrionols are a delicious pairing, might I add.) 

If the salty craving hits, it might be Shaman Shack’s Sea Clear (fermented kelp and chlorella in a miso base) spread over nori with raw goat cheese and veggies. 

Dinner is usually bone broth vegetable stew paired with some type of homemade bread slathered in ghee for dipping and sopping up all the leftover bits (I’ve been loving Heather’s from Cook It Up Paleo bread recipe.) 

Night is usually some type of reishi and dandy blend tea tonic with a bite or two of something sweet, usually from my latest baking adventures, or just a knob of leftover dinner bread smothered in Sun Potion Prash. 

Summer and spring time generally consist of more raw foods, kombuchas, and smoothies/juices. 

Q: What’s your mantra that you live by? 

A: I am a daughter of the Star Breather, a daughter of delight. And with that at the forefront of my mind, the simple mantra of “Thank You,” thank you for life, for freedom, for purpose, and for the abundance around me. I was made in perfect love to love myself and others without fear. 

Q: What are some of your favorite health products right now? 

A: Shaman Shack Sea Clear (I love to spread it on evvvverything!), all of Sun Potion’s tonic herbs and mushrooms, but my hair has been loving the he shou wu lately! Addictive Wellness chocolates. Hmmm yum. 

Q: What’s your grand vision for your company? 

A: Through my work, I hope to recognize individual’s value and build them up to thrive in health and happiness by exposing them to a visual healing atmosphere of a life rooted in food as medicine and community.  Because when people are thriving and not just surviving, we all live our life to the fullest and the cyclical support system of community is able to run smoothly, beautifully; the way it was designed to function. I really want to be a brand ambassador for companies I believe in, for companies that have helped me, and I believe could help others too. I want to promote a healthy lifestyle grounded in mental, spiritual, and physical balance. 

It’s essentially a campaign for awareness and community. It’s a means to establish a root system for nurturing people, a place of resource where everyone can pull from to gather inspiration to live life abundantly. It’s essentially connecting people to happiness, whether that’s companies that offer products to help you feel and achieve your best or capturing the bits of life that inspire. It’s essentially painting a picture of the life we were created to live. 

And, that’s my simple vision for Cathryn Fowler Films. It’s simple, but it’s grand to me. 

images by Cathryn Fowler

Healing Herbal Turkish Delight Recipe

For the Rose Jelly:

-2 TB grass fed gelatin

-3/4 cup hot water 

-1 1/4 cup Kevita (I used the Hibiscus Berry variety, but you could use any; also a Rose Kombucha would be lovely, I imagine!) 

-1 TB rosewater 


For the Chocolate Coating: 

-1 cup cacao paste

-1/4 cup coconut oil

-1/4 tsp vanilla powder 

-1 tsp Sun Potion reishi

-1 tsp Sun Potion mucuna 

-Sweeten with Omica Organics Stevia to taste



Mix gelatin in hot water until fully dissolved. Allow to cool for a bit.

Pour the Kevita into a bowl and then whisk in the slightly cooled gelatin water. Stir in the rosewater. 

Pour the mixture into a pan lined with parchment paper and place in refrigerator to set. 

While jelly mixture is setting, make the chocolate by melting the cacao paste and coconut oil over the stovetop. Add in the rest of the ingredients, tasting alone the way to adjust for sweetness {the best part of the process ;)}. 

Cut out jelly mixture into squares and dip in chocolate. Enjoy with a side of tea and feel free to watch Chronicles of Narnia while nibbling and sipping away. :) 

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