Coachella Skincare Essentials

If we want to survive, we've got to be prepared. We are expecting a lot of sun, dust and heat this weekend. Sounds apocalyptic. While this weather may sound intense, this does not stop up from attending the Annual Coachella Music & Arts festival. It's an amazing and insane experience. We usually leave feeling vibrant and happy but our skin might not recall having the same positive experience. It takes several days until we heal our burnt skin or our chapped (and basically nonexistent) lips. This year it's going to be different. We spoke with Coachella veteran, *Stacey Stilts, owner of Green Line Beauty (LA's trusted non-toxic and high end beauty shop) to help us properly pack our bags for the weekend so that we can protect and nourish our bodies throughout our weekend in Indio . Here are her top 5 picks: 

1. Amoraflauge Botanical Fragrance & Insect Repellent

Not only will you smell amazing but you won’t have any bug bites. A solid product to bring with you on all your travels!

2. Erbaviva Deodorant 

Don't you want to be known as the only person at Coachella who "smelled nice"?

3. Dr. Alkaitis “Love Your Lips”

This product will keep your lips hydrated and looking picture perfect all weekend long. Don't forget that selfie stick!

4. ISUN Antioxidant Sun Butter

 Sun Care is a must! Use this sun butter all over your face/neck/décolletage for both morning and night and maybe in-between. 

5. ISUN Ormus Myst

 This Rejuvenating Energy Myst is a must have in everyone’s bag because it will keep you cool and energized all weekend long. You could also use rosewater or any other all-natural face/body mist.  

Happy Coachella!!!

See you on the other side.

*This list was curated by Stacey Stilts, owner of Green Line Beauty, 7123 Melrose, where you can find all of these all-natural skin essentials.