Conversations: Sun Potion and The Sweetness of Being on Collaboration

Regardless of what industry we are in, collaboration is inevitable. But what happens when we mix friendship with business? I decided to ask Nitsa (from Sun Potion, Transformational Foods) and Sarah Engelhart (behind Sweetness of Being, wildcrafted chocolate) about their recent collaboration on a new chocolate bar.

They share their insights on: 

  • How they met

  • Why they like to collaborate

  • What they look for in a partner

  • What nutrition is inside this bar and makes this bar different

The end result is something magical. 

SOB: Sweetness of Being 

SP: Sun Potion

Q: How did you two meet and what do you primarily collaborate on?

SOB: I discovered Sun Potion and eventually came in touch with Nitsa through trying their Mucuna Pruriens. I was on the lookout for a high quality, organic source of mucuna pruriens and once I tried Sun Potion's I needed to look no further. 

SP:  Sarah and I actually met up north, met way back when, before Scott began Sun Potion, at one of the first Cafe Gratitudes in Marin. We reconnected when they opened the Venice Gratitude, which almost immediately became one of our favorite places to eat  in LA, and I remember one visit we gave Sarah and Ryland a jar of Mucuna Pruriens  in thanks...  perhaps this is what planted the collaborative seed as when Sarah began The Sweetness of Being she began to source Cacao and Mucuna Pruriens from us. 

Q: Why do you make collaboration a part of your business?

SOB: I fell in love with the flavor of the Anandamide blend (a powerful combination of raw cacao, herbs and spices that Nitsa dreamed up, literally). After sharing cups of this healing and heart opening hot chocolate with friends and family, who also enjoyed it so much, I knew I needed to reach out about a collaboration with Sun Potion. 

SP: As an artist / alchemist working in the health food industry, collaboration is essential.  I am constantly moving to unite and share my love of beautiful food and art, and so am very grateful to find others who are on a similar wavelength. I love this aspect of Sun Potion, which in its simplicity (in offering the highest quality, mostly single-ingredient tonic herb and superfood powders) invites a level of creative interaction and integration that I find very inspiring. It is pretty neat observing how the foods activate and connect people and vice versa, and I feel this is an important piece in our collective growth and expansion - as a business - and - as human beings working together for health and happiness. 

Q: Sarah, what attracted you to Sun Potion and to using their medicine in your chocolate?

SOB: I was immediately drawn to the beauty of their packaging at first, I must admit, but after comparing their products to several other organic options, I knew they were one of the highest quality available on the market. After working with Cafe Gratitude for 6 years, I have seen many super foods & herbs, and have such deep appreciation for high quality products. It is truly a gift to have access to potent and nutritious food. 

Q: When collaborating with someone, what traits to you look for with in the person or in the company? 

SOB: Honesty is very important for me, as well as the ability to follow through with ones commitments. I do my best to live according to these qualities and love working with people who make it a point to do the same. Also, not taking things personally and being willing to communicate if plans change is so important for me. 

SP: Exquisite taste. Energetic Resonance. Easeful Communication. 

Q: Is it hard to mix friendship with business? Would you recommend it to others?

SOB: With a foundation of integrity and love, anything is possible! 

SP: I think it requires a unique balance of trust, commitment to integrity, and clear, meticulous communication for business and friendship to blend together in a healthy and positive way, and I feel  grateful to have found that in several of my relationships. I feel Sarah shares our vision for highest quality + beauty in food and experience and working together has been a great pleasure and delight. 

Q: Tell us about the anandamide bar and why it is so special

SOB: To be honest, Nitsa would be better at sharing the benefits of the herbs as I have a rudimentary understanding of their benefits (beyond the sense of feeling good I have when I ingest them). But what I can speak about briefly is the profound medicinal qualities of cacao. Cacao is one of the highest antioxidant rich foods. (Antioxidants help the body to remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents.) It also contains over 300 compounds including protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, iorn, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium. Also, I should add that instead of using cane sugar the chocolate bar is sweetened with raw wildflower honey. Raw honey has much of its natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes still intact and also has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial elements.

SP: The  bar is basically Sarah's magical evolution of our Anandamide Bliss Alchemy blend. This blend (which I actually formulated in a dream almost two years ago) contains Raw Heirloom Cacao, Tonic Herbs, Superfoods and freshly ground spices. It is a harmonizing, activating, and potent blend which has supported many people in becoming acquainted with the potions world,  up-vibing their tea / smoothie rituals, and/ or transitioning away from coffee. At a point when I had more free time I would make raw chocolate truffles and pies with this blend as a base, but as my schedule is so full-on with a lot of travel these days I have pretty much stopped these domestic cacao experiments (it is easy for me to get totally lost in space-time in the kitchen....) . SO when Sarah (who had already been making the most beautiful, detailed chocolates and sourcing ingredients from us) proposed the idea of a Sweetness of Being/Sun Potion Bar with the Anandamide we were 100% YES!