The Clean & Conscious Artisan Gift Guide for Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

My favorite thing in life is probably bringing people (and in this case products) together. A few years ago, a passion to find the healthiest, most conscious products on the market was awakened within me. I could not stop and was relentless to meet and discover the creators behind their unique products. I slowly became friends with these artisans. I was completely inspired by their dedication to their craft and non-negotiable attitude to sacrifice quality or integrity. These are leaders of the conscious business movement and brands that I want to support this holiday season. So give with all of your heart and know that you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts (including the recent issue of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, it's a game changer).

Special thanks to Meghan and Justin from Conscious Lifestyle Magazine. Working with you has been a dream. So grateful to you and all of these artisans who continue to inspire me.