Episode 04: Erica Chidi Cohen, Founder of LOOM

For this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Erica Chidi Cohen who is a doula, a private chef and founder of LOOM. With a doctor and a nurse for parents, the idea of helping others with their health came second nature to her. Erica has a warm and comforting spirit that makes her well-suited to aid and welcome new life into the world. Erica provides services that moms dream of from lactation counseling to prenatal and postpartum classes to guidance on nutrition. Now I can't imagine any mom to-be or current mama not working with her. Enjoy the show!

Podcast Topics

* What is the mama circle?

* What’s a doula?

* What led her to this work?

* What’s her food philosophy? 

* Do we need to prepare our bodies for pregnancy? 

* What should mamas stay away from?

* What would Erica cook for a new mama?

* Erica being a witness versus being a teacher.

* What are some things that are helpful for new mamas.

* What to do if your baby isn’t sleeping. 

* Who inspires Erica?

* Erica's three tips for living a super life!

*Show Notes*

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