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After a few minutes of digging through the outdoor voices community page, I discovered Micaela on instagram. At first glance, I saw that art, design, and style all play a significant role in this blogger’s life. Bright colors and lots of eye candy are sprinkled throughout her feed. After I dove a bit deeper (and a few vlogs in) I found her to be so sweet, charming, funny, yet approachable. I decided to reach out to her and invite her to an event I was putting on in San Francisco. She brought her mom, Dawn, the other 1/2 of her organic skincare company, Drifter Organics.

Drifter Organics came about because Micaela had experienced a of sensisitivity with skincare products. After trying all different types of brands (natural included), she decided to make something herself that wouldn’t irritate her, and Drifter was born.. Her line is so soothing to the skin and great for sensitive skin types. To kick off the re-birth of my site, I am delighted to interview both her and her mother about their brand. We are offering a very special giveaway on our social platforms so you can also experience her magic.

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Q: What is Drifter and why did you start your company?

A: Drifter is a skincare line of a certified organic and certified cruelty-free, soy-free, paraben-free, vegan, and non-GMO products run by us, Micaela and Dawn Marie, a mother-daughter duo based in Oakland! We started our company "organically" (haha) out of Micaela's lifelong skin and digestive issues. There was a period of time when Micaela had to go on a strict elimination diet. This included skincare products. With the amount of time we spent trying to find suitable skincare products, we decided to make them ourselves! In that time, we discovered how unregulated the skincare industry is in the United States and that gave us all the more impetus to create safe and natural alternatives for those with allergies and those who just don't want to feed their skin weird ingredients.


Q: What was your biggest challenge that you faced with your company and how did you overcome it?

A: Getting started! Anyone who owns their own business knows how painful it is getting through all the paperwork and registration you need to do as a startup company. Additionally, we got certified organic and certified cruelty-free which was quite a long paperwork-filled process, especially since we don't have a manufacturer background. It was not fun at all and we don't want to repeat it anytime soon!


Q: If you were just starting out at the beginning what advice would you give to yourself?

A: Get organized right from the start. If you don't keep your files and supplies organized from the get-go, it's very difficult to do a 180 in the middle of running your business.

Q: What's your biggest dream that you're working towards?

A: We endeavor to merge the worlds of holistic living with fun, modern style. You don't need to live in a cabin in the woods churning your own butter to truly live a natural life. Micaela is a fashion and lifestyle influencer and we both have a light-hearted, colorful style. In the world of natural skincare, there's often either the hippie-dippy crunchy granola end of the spectrum or the very minimal, sleek aesthetic and we're neither of those. We're whimsical, not often serious, and infuse all of our cheesy goodness into our skincare. (Though it's important to note there's no literal cheese involved. Our products are vegan after all.)


Q: What other products do you love and recommend to people?

A: We love to support small brands because it's nice knowing where your dollar is going. There are so many cool companies doing amazing things. Stasher makes these reusable silicone bags that you can store anything in, from food to cords to toiletries. Baggu makes these reusable nylon tote bags that can be folded up into a small square pouch. This sounds so basic, but our Vitamix has been absolutely life-changing. We're also both obsessed with ban.do's planners and can't go more than a few days without Mizuba Matcha.

Alexa Gray