The Healthy Voyager

This is definitely a time to get outside of your routine and to break free from past. A great way to do that is to travel. For some of us, we love to travel but it's challenging to find anything healthy on the road, especially in the United States. Carolyn Scott has been reporting on healthy people, places and things all over the world; She posts city guides so that you don't have to spend hours searching for clean eats or hotels. She has so much valuable information on her site beyond her travel guides and videos. Just make sure to carve out some time to dive in deep into

Warning: her website may inspire you pack your bags. In many cases, you may find some hidden gems that lay within your own city and only have to pack your purse/fanny pack.

See you on the trail!

Q+A with Carolyn Scott from The Healthy Voyager

Q: How did you start the healthy voyager?

A: I had been vegan since 1998 and traveled all the time, navigating the tough non-vegan world back then. In 2005, I came up with the idea for a healthy, special diet travel show to help others like me, travel the world and in 2006 I launched it! Since then it has grown into a full healthy and green lifestyle brand as I'm also a holistic nutritionist and vegan chef so I rolled it all into one ; )

Q: Were you always a big traveler?

A: Yes! I took my first international flight at 3 months old! I love to travel ; )

Q: How did you get into healthy food/lifestyle?

A: In my late teens I struggled with my weight. I gained quite a bit in college and went through a complete transformation in my junior year. Since then, I've been a big advocate for health and in 1998 I went completely plant-based and studied holistic nutrition to help others ; )

Q: How hard is it to find healthy options on the road?

A: It's not as hard as people think! In fact it gets easier every day. So cool!

Q: Is it difficult to balance being a blogger and a health coach? 

A: Well, I stopped doing personal coaching a while back, it was just tough to get a steady client base. I help a lot more people on a larger scale now with my platform and I do several speaking events and seminars a month at big corporations, events, conferences and festivals so I think I reach a larger audience now.

Q: Where are some of your favorite places to voyage to in LA? How about around the world?

A:  Too many to list, haha! I love Mohaek Bend, Cafe Gratitude and Sage, here in LA. Around the world, some of my my memorable meals have been in Paris, Berlin, Greece and Australia!

Q: What is your grand vision of the healthy voyager?

A:  To be the healthy, plant-based Martha Stewart! Ah, someday...