Honey Mama's Superfood Chocolate Fudge Bar

Recently, on a road trip up to Santa Cruz, I came across some gems, the Honey Mama superfood fudge bars. It’s a bar made from sprouted almonds, organic honey, coconut oil, himalayan salt, and then different dark cacaos from around the world (she also has a no-nut, which is equally as delicious). That’s it! It’s an organic treat that you can eat for breakfast or a snack, and feel totally satisfied. 

I loved every flavor: the Dutch, Lavender Red Rose, Peruvian Raw, CocoNoNut & Peppermint. These treats are beyond! Meet the maker behind these cosmic treats who cares equally about health as she does taste. 

Q+A with Christy Goldsby, founder and maker of Honey Mama's

Q: What is your grand vision for honey mamas?

A: My grand vision I suppose at it’s core, is to offer the experience of joy, thriving, and pleasure, through enjoyment of a delicious treat that is implicitly healing. This was the experience I had when I made and ate the bars for the first time. They immediately evoked in me a feeling of celebration, wholeness, and joy. These are qualities I feel the world will always be able to use more of, and what a wonderful way to be encouraging inspiration for others to choose "life-giving” foods.

Q: What is Honey Mama’s and what inspired you to start it?

A: Honey Mama’s is a company I launched in 2013 with a mission to offer decadent treats that naturally stimulate well being. I was inspired to find a way to create food that tasted so amazing it would be undeniable to eat and would bridge all of the things I am passionate about: health and wellness found in the foods we eat, and more broadly: creativity, playfulness, awareness, celebration, joy...  Turns out raw honey, sprouted almonds, cacao, and unrefined coconut oil were a wonderful canvas for that - each of these ingredients has such a beautiful life and story on it’s own.

Q: Describe your process in coming up with your perfect recipe. How did you come up with the flavors?

A: I spent about three years searching for recipes that spoke to me. These were recipes of all sorts. I had spent the past decade or so doing cleanses and diving into learning all the different ways we can feel our best by way of what we put into our bodies and the thoughts we choose to circulate in our minds. I was very influenced by learning about the health benefits available to us when we eat foods closest to their original state. Unrefined oils and fats, soaked and sprouted nuts seeds and grains, etc etc., just eating whole foods in general. The recipe for the bars is a real pure expression of these values.. All the ingredients are of superior quality and are very simple and pure. I came up with the different flavors by way of playing with the flavor profiles and textures that I personally love.. Honey, pure peppermint oil, rich cacao, crunchy sprouted almonds.. I was going to use a flake salt for example, in the bars instead of the Himalayan pink salt but fell totally in love with what the pink salt did to the flavor.. I have a notebook filled with the trials and errors of creating the right balance. I’m about to start working on a new flavor and am excited to get back to that creative space again.

Q: What do you love most about your fudge?

A: The quality and complexity of flavor and texture, the feeling of pure nourishment and clean energy with every bite.

Q: What is it like to own a family business?

A: I am sole owner of Honey Mama’s. My husband is a creative director and has done the design work with me for the packaging and website etc. (this has been SO wonderful!) and both of my teenage daughters have had short stints working in the kitchen when they have had the time. In the earliest days, my husband would help me make the bars and package in the kitchen as well… Having support in all these ways from him and being able to engage my daughters in the work has been gratifying and a lot of fun for all of us.

Q: What is your logo and why did you choose that?

A: My logo is a hummingbird, a flower and a honey bee - all such pure expressions of being alive.. The lettering is a font that my husband designed, so not only do I love the way it looks, it is also very dear to me. The name of the company itself is intentionally playful, and reminiscent of my family roots in the south.. The combined elements of the logo encapsulate my love of the natural world, making and eating fresh real food, and the playfulness and joy of celebrating life with others.

Q: What got you interested in wellness? 

A: I’ve been interested in wellness and movement my whole life, always drawn to awareness of foods and activities that make me feel most alive. My love of wellness is rooted in experience and creativity. 

Q: What does living a super life mean to you?

A: Living a super life to me means to live everyday by making choices that will manifest our highest potential. This inherently circulates awareness, authenticity, openness, and playfulness, which I believe are the foundation for love, and most importantly, joy.

Growing up with a family full of cooks, bakers, farmers, gardeners and happy eaters, the kitchen was always a place of celebration, creativity, nourishment and joy. In 2013 I started Honey Mama’s as a way to share my passion for healthy living and these celebrated family traditions. After spending several years searching for just the right idea, in Nov 2011, I whipped up my first batch of bars and eureka(!!) I was hooked. Sweetened with raw local honey, these treats were chock full of everything delightful: bold, deep flavors, decadent textures, alkalizing whole foods, organic, and naturally gluten, soy, dairy, and grain free – they were a win-win and I knew I had found what I’d been looking for. All of our ingredients are chosen for their texture, purity and quality of flavor as well as for optimum digestion and nutrient absorption. I treasure the opportunity to produce and share these treats everyday! From our kitchen to your table: Nourish ~ Delight