Love Beauty + Wellness Festival

Leaders and supporters of the clean beauty, health and wellness world, the Love Beauty + Wellness Festival is an event that is not to be missed. On Saturday, we gather together in downtown Los Angeles, at the Hudson Loft, to learn, shop & celebrate conscious creators who are trailblazing new paths for how to run ethical business in the new age. I wanted to find out more about June Farahan, the powerhouse behind the event. In this Q+A we learn about what products are rocking June’s world, what her beauty routine looks like, why she created the festival, and more. Enjoy this interview & I will see you this weekend!

Q&A with June Farahan, Founder of Love Beauty + Wellness Festival

Q: What inspired you to create Love Beauty + Wellness Festival like this?

A: I was inspired to create this festival out of my own passion to constantly search for non-toxic and nourishing beauty and wellness products. I realized that I am certainly not the only one who wanted to find out what is out there today. I had a desire to launch an online store which was going to be more edited in its curation than most of the other ones out there and in its inception, I realized that not only did I want to make sure we offered a selection that met our standards but offering an event to bring more awareness and education to green beauty and holistic wellness started to become a mission. When more people become aware they can truly appreciate. Another reason is to bring like-minded people together in one space. There are so many of us who are already members of this amazing tribe and I think in this world of technology it is so nice to actually meet in person. The positive vibes at this event are going to be amazing!

Q: Why is Love Beauty + Wellness different from other festivals?

A: This event is different as it brings together a line up of amazing speakers who are healers and educators and creators as well as a fun retail pop up store that attendees can treat themselves to for one day in the heart of LA. I wanted to make sure the speaker topics are interesting and composed of a balance of beauty and wellness educators, healers and creators. The goal is to inspire and educate in a fun environment. This is not a conference or tradeshow! There are some amazing destination festivals which are 2 or 3 day commitments but I wanted to offer a one-day event in the heart of LA for those who cannot make that kind of extended commitment.

Q: What standards does a brand have to adhere to in order to receive your approval & loyalty?

A: We have a long list of toxic ingredients which are on our 'avoid' list. I think most people have now heard of parabens and sulfates but don't realize there are a multitude of toxic ingredients in most large-scale commercial products. If you can't pronounce it question it! Not only should the ingredients list be 'clean' but it should be of high quality. And this goes hand in hand with efficacy of the product - it should do what it claims. At the end of the day we are in the beauty industry so packaging and branding remain important if we are retailing the products. Getting to understand how the products are made and who the creator is, is very important to me. Working with brands that have a integrity and similar philosophies make being in this space so much more pleasant.

Q: What are you some of your favorite Love Beauty + Wellness products?

A: The brands that are on our online store are all my current favorites! Right now my favorite skincare lines are Bottega Organica, Shiva Rose, Apoterra and H Is for Love. My current body care fave is Fig+Yarrow. I place more emphasis on skincare than make up but when I do want some 'enhancement' right now I reach for Vapour foundations, cheek stains and eyeshadows. The lipstick brand that I carry online and love right now is Kosas and the Henne lip exfoliator and lip balm should be everyone's staple products. I love making potions and tonics daily and we will be adding them to our online store right after the event.

June Farahan, Founder of Love Beauty + Wellness Festival and

June Farahan, Founder of Love Beauty + Wellness Festival and

Q: Can you describe the moment when you decided to organize Love Beauty + Wellness Festival and put energy in your life towards this cause?

A: I felt that my passions were truly coming to an alignment. I have loved the holistic beauty and wellness world for so long but being able to share my passion for it is so rewarding. It was exciting and scary at the same time but I kept seeing the same IG quotes in my feed like 'Do something that scares you everyday' and 'If not now, when'.  I knew I was going to have to work night and day to organize this but I have been rewarded by meeting so many amazing people along the way which constantly fuels me.

Q: What is this cause important to you and to the times we are living in now?

A: We live in a toxic world where too many of us are getting sick. Many of us in this space entered it because of an illness but people should not wait until they get sick before they search for a better lifestyle. Too many women just focus on looking good and forget about feeling good too. Beauty and wellness go hand in hand.

Q: What changes do you see currently happening in the beauty + wellness industry that keeps you feeling hopeful?

A: That younger people are interested and more and more creators are starting to make non-toxic products. I love it when I find out a friend has started to shop at the farmers market or has tried acupuncture for the first time! Mindful beauty and holistic wellness is not a trend but a lifestyle.

Q: What does beauty + wellness mean to you?

A: Beauty and wellness go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. If you don't feel good there is no way you can really look good.

Q: What does you daily wellness + beauty routine look like?

A: Stretching and breathing before I reach for my cell phone. Drybrushing, dental care, shower and massaging my body with a great oil. I love using a muslin cloth to wash my face with a cleanser and follow with a great face oil. By then my dog is ready for his morning walk and when we get back I start with a hot lemon and cayenne water. Some days I also incorporate chlorella water or a shot of AVC to add an extra layer of detox. We go to the farmers market twice a week and prepare fresh meals everyday. Yoga, meditation and walking with my dog revive me.

Q: What makes for a super life?

A: Do everything with love!

The Love Beauty + Wellness Festival is a one-day event featuring speakers who are healers, educators, creators and influencers in the realm of natural beauty and holistic wellness.

A retail pop-up with our current edited favorites in the world of non-toxic beauty and wellness products is an opportunity to see, feel, smell, try and buy all the amazing products along with a selection of conscious lifestyle brands.

Come see, learn, meet and mingle with like-minded people in the world of green beauty and wellness!

The event is taking place at the Hudson Loft in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday July 30 from 10AM to 4.30PM.


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