The Limited Edition Moon Calendar by Julia Corbett and Dream Inspired Design

Last night I led a full moon ceremony for a group of loved ones in my bedroom. I spent a lot of time setting the scene outfitted with crystals, candles, essential oils, pillows, blankets & a calming soundtrack. I read the mystic mamma report aloud and then led the group in a guided meditation. Even thought I don't consider myself a "moon expert" I absolutely love working with the energy of the lunar cycles and utilize it for the greater good of the self and the collective. 

One of my inspirations is photographer, culinary alchemist & artist, Julia Corbett. She has teamed up with Dream Inspired Design to bring all of us a stunning lunar cycle tool, the Moon Calendar. This allows us to get clear on what seeds we want to plant and reflect on moon dreams we've sown all in one beautiful place.  Get to know Julia and learn why this limited edition work of art needs to be up on your wall. 

Q&A with Julia Corbett

Q: Why did you decide to create a moon calendar?

A: I teamed up with Dream Inspired Design after witnessing their colorful & sustainable way of creating business, and thought I would love to work with them! They have been the makers of this moon calendar for a few years, and I had recently received a gift of their 2015 Moon Calendar design, when I thought that my ocean photography could work perfectly with their aesthetics and ideals. That was the seed, and I as I explored deeper into the cycles of the moon, I saw the connection with the ocean and the tides that I had become so enamored with through photography. It all simply came together, the harmony of their focus on the moon cycles & the tides. 

Q: Why is it important to know about the moon cycles?

A: It's forming a deeper relationship to the cycles in nature and ultimately our self. How we can connect to the cycles in nature, if there is a difference in our state of mind or physical bodies throughout the cycle. It's a way to be present with and relate to how we change within a cycle, the ebbs and flows of the brightening and darkening of the moonlight. Specifically for women, the moon is thought to have an effect on our menstrual cycle and the flow of fluids within our bodies, just like flowing water. The moon effects the tides and the pull of the water on the earth, so making a deeper connection with that can deepen our understanding of the body and how everything works so beautifully in harmonious ways. 

Q: How did you come up with the design for this calendar?

A: We collaborated on the theme, Tides, and I started sharing photographs that had a strong sense of simplistic beauty and texture. Tides are intertwined with the moon cycles and how they ebb & flow, so I see it as a perfectly cohesive theme. Dream Inspired Design overlays a rainbow of colors and the moon cycle spiral. This is their vision, I was invited in to co-create the artistic elements of the work.

Q: Tell us about what’s written below the phases (intentions and releases) and why you chose to put it on there.

A: Intentions coincide with the new moon and the releases come with the full moon. The intentions are a theme or phrase that you want to envision for that particular moon cycle, where you can step into a meditation within to reveal what you are truly calling in. The release is the fullness, like the full moon, a time to celebrate and commune with others. The light is full and bursting outward to an expansive vision. These are on the calendar as a guide, to be reminded of your vision and keep present to the beauty. When you write down an intention it becomes more real, and you can remember what is your truth to see more clearly. 

Q: Who is this calendar for?

A: Everyone! If you want to connect deeper with the cycles of the moon, your intentions and be connected to a new vision of time that is more whole and flowing with nature. If you love the ocean, water and imagery that inspires. It's a wonderful piece to hang on your wall and remember that time is flowing in a continuous cycle, just as water flows. If you are a woman and want to stay in sync with your 'moon' menstrual cycle this is a great way to keep track and see the connections from month to month. 

Q: What are some of the coolest new moon intentions that have come true for you?

A: That's a great question! With my personal intentions, I like to have a theme, not a specific goal, so I stay present and open to the flow and the surprises that can come my way. One of my most recent intentions has been to be more in community and collaboration, and connecting directly with people. That is all about coming together. I have come to a more open and full view on relating to others, and also sharing what I do without judgement. I tend to be an introvert and socially unavailable as a past way of seeing myself, but I feel after having the intention to connect and be out there with others, I have awakened into a more full and open state of mind where I can truly share my self with others, and also receive from them what they are now open to reveal. The more open we become with our self, the more open others can be! I've got many new collaborations coming through, so excited for them to be revealed in time. I would love to hear what others can share about their intentions and what is being awakened!! What are yours? 

Julia is a photographer and founder of Dessert Medicine, a superfood dessert blog & Diviana Alchemy, her raw dessert company. Recently reintgrating her passion for photography through her appreciation for nature - she spends her time reflecting with the waves and meditating on the tides.