Next Level (limited edition) Sleeping Monk Formulas

Sleeping Monk has come out from his slumber and has provided us with a limited edition formulation. Whether you identify as a dragon or goddess, I will leave that up to you. 

Goddess in Bloom (divine female formula) contains scutellaria root, cypress rhizome, white peony root, atractylodes rhizome, cuscuta seed, teasel root, mulberry mistletoe stem and fulvic mineral resin. This formula is really powerful stuff ladies.

Goddess in Bloom is a comprehensive female hormone balancing, sexual health formula that may:

  • Regulate endocrine system and menstrual cycle

  • Relieve PMS and Cramps

  • Increase sexual drive

  • Improve fertility and balance mood

  • Prevent miscarriage

  • Protect immunity

  • Boost progesterone and luteinizing hormones

Enter the Dragon (supreme male formula) contains prepared rhemannia, corpus fruit, discorea fruit, goji berry, epidemic, cinnamon twig, cynomorium, cistanches, fluvic acid mineral resin. 

Enter the dragon is a powerful male virility formula that may:

  • Boost erectile function, libido, sperm count and fertility

  • Stimulate production of androgen and human growth hormone

  • Increase strength and endurance

  • Maintain DNA integrity

  • Protect immunity

  • Improve mood

Q+A with Louis Lenard, owner of Sleeping Monk

Q: Tell us about your original line of products?

A: Our original line of 4 Chinese Tonic Herbal formulas are based on a simple philosophy: To balance and build health. We use the best of the best, Super Tonic herbs in our formulas to achieve this. The adaptogenic qualities of these herbs work differently for each person, as they correct imbalances in the body’s systems according to who’s ingesting them. Beyond that, the tonic aspect of these wonderful herbs, strengthen, nourish and build the type of meaningful health that is truly transformative, when taken consistently over time. Longevity, that’s what matters to us. We want you to enjoy the type of health that supports your living life to the fullest. 

We have a powerful restorative, beauty tonic called Immortal. We also have a deep sleep, vivid dreaming formula that also calms anxiety called Well Rested. Then we have a powerful brain performance and protection formula called Mind Sharpener and a proactive health assurance formula called Super Immunity.

Q: What makes your new products different?

A: Our 2 newest products, Goddess in Bloom and Enter the Dragon are our comprehensive female and male hormone balancing, fertility, virility and vitality formulas, respectively. These two are very special, limited edition products with unique packaging, with miron glass bottles and new labeling. They are part of our line that was co-formulated by a good friend and Master Herbalist with over 20 years of clinical experience, Cormac Ferguson.  These were carefully and creatively crafted to further enhance the already powerful effects of all the herbs in the formula. The price point is reflective of these differences. 

Q: What do you prefer a tincture vs. a powder?

A: For efficacy, purity and safety, I’ll always choose a tincture when I have the choice. There are many good powdered products in the marketplace, but overall, it’s much more of a gamble, as many methods used for processing powders leaves them much more vulnerable to heavy metal contamination.

Q: Who are these products meant for?

A: Our products are meant for those who believe in themselves enough to be open to the possibility of new levels of health that are beyond their current frame of understanding and realization. They are for those who are anywhere on the path of what it’s like to have a consistent, self-loving meal plan, exercise routine, meditation, yoga and/or any other type of spiritual practice. Sleeping Monk products are for those who believe in the joy of service, even if they don’t know it yet! :) 

I will say that our products definitely are not for those looking for the ‘quick fix’ solutions to life. Although our products have subtly noticeable immediate effects, the most profound, life changing health benefits are cumulative, realized over time. 

Q: What is the Sleeping Monk mission?

A: Our mission at Sleeping Monk is to have as much fun as we can while giving back through both products and service. I am a recovering drug addict turned health fanatic, who loves to surf. With that in mind, We’ve created a program to donate 5% of sales to  Waves 4 Water to help provide clean drinking water to those who don’t have access to it across the world. We’re also working on fine-tuning the most effective way we can create to help other addicts and alcoholics transform their heath, physically, mentally and spiritually. More will be revealed once we solidify that aspect.