The New Moon Journal, A Guide to Communicating with the Cosmos

Today is the new moon in Libra, which is here to bring us clarity to where we need to make energetic adjustments in order to achieve greater  balance in our lives. Maybe we need to stop doing so much of what is draining our energy and start doing more of what reenergizes us. Take time today to stop, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and tune in to what you think would help you balance our your wheel of life. Or to take it a step further, attend a new moon circle or start your own. If you don't know what a new moon circle is or want to learn more about how to engage with this practice, fear not, for the powerful duo Paula Mallis & Danielle Beinstein have created the The New Moon Journal to be your guide.

The new moon is an opportunity to align ourselves with new beginnings. This is a time to set intentions and manifest what we all deserve for our highest good. In ancient times women would gather in alignment with the moon phases. These circles of women gathering would offer rituals and ceremonies to nurture, inspire, reflect and heal while acknowledging the wisdom of the feminine.

This act of gathering with others, declaring to the group and to the cosmos what you want, is without a doubt one of the most powerful traditions and effective ways to manifest your dreams. Not only do you become clear about what it is that you are truly wanting, but the group connects together and meditates on the everyones wishes coming true. Mallis, who is a kundalini yoga instructor and a doula and Beinstein, who is a meditation instructor and astrologer, have been holding monthly moon gatherings and guiding women with this process. They decided it was time to come out with a book to teach others their process and how one can take it home with them or instruct them how to start their own group. What makes their gatherings so special is that they hone in on their expertise to bring you a full experience of dropping in and connecting to spirit. Mallis leads a powerful new moon meditation and Beinstein talks about the current astrology.  You feel connected to what's going on in the universe as well as support by a community of women, the magic combo for success. 

 I began attending New Moon circles about two years ago, and haven't stopped going since, and for a good reason. This is a necessary ritual because when I write my intentions down, they eventually come true. Even if some are still not 100% manifested, it serves as a goal that I can revisit on a daily basis. In fact, part of my morning meditation includes speaking my new moon intentions out loud and mediating on them becoming real. This is wisdom that everyone should have in their toolbox.  I have no doubt that this book will teach others how to to learn how to do this for themselves, but also help transform the lives of those who choose learn and practice. Happy New Moon and blessings to all!