New Moon Journal

The new moon has arrived in the sign of Capricorn, and what a strong energy it is. This morning in yoga class, my teacher Guru Jagat, owner of the Ra Ma Yoga Institute,  said “this strong father like energy is asking us what is true value? What are your values? How do you express your values in your everyday life? These are important times to get clear on our answers and to share our gifts with the world around us. 

We can use the rituals of the new moon as expressed in the new moon journal, created by Paula Mallis and Danielle Beinstein, to slow down, go inward, and actually find out the answers to these types of question and then ask the universe accordingly for what we want. 

Some of my favorite New Moon rituals include...

* Read and write in my New Moon journal 

* Gather in a community & Talk about what we want to cultivate next

* Practice kundalini yoga & Meditate 

* Pull Tarot cards 

* Light candles and incense & Practice self-massage 

* Eating nourishing foods & Make some cosmic chocolate 

* Have a dance party & Celebrate being alive

Happy New Moon everyone! Sending you lots of love and gratitude!

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Images provided by @paula_mallis and @newmooncircle

Q+A with Danielle Beinstein and Paula Mallis

Q: What is the new moon journal and why did you decide to create it? 

A: The journal is an offering to our community and beyond. We were (and continue to be) so inspired by the women that attend our circle, that we felt called to create something that would allow others, no matter where they are located in the world, to host or participate in the New Moon ritual. 

Q: Who is the new moon journal for?

A: Any woman who is committed to her own growth and evolution. 

Q: Why is it important to gather on the new moon?

A: New Moons offer a powerful opportunity to set intentions, plant seeds and embark on new beginnings. When we circle up, that power increases exponentially. 

Q: What have you learned by doing these groups?

A: That women are hungry for a sacred space to share authentically, knowing they are supported and loved unconditionally. Our culture at large can be so catty and gossip-y. We provide the antidote to that. And the friendships and bonds created as a result have been priceless.

Q: Is it possible to do a new moon ceremony alone or do you need a group?

A: You can absolutely do it alone. Some women prefer that, which is also why we created the journal.

Q: Are there any other essential objects that one needs for the moon ceremony (crystals, notebook, sage, etc.?) 

A: Nothing is needed, per se, but we recommend that a clear space be created. This can be done simply by lighting a candle. You can also burn sage or palo santo or surround yourself with stones or crystal. Most importantly, we recommend grounding into your heart and calling on your higher self. 

Q: Tell us about your most powerful new moon experience or a miraculous manifestation

A: The most powerful experience has been the commitment that the women have demonstrated in showing up every month in such an openhearted and vulnerable way. We are continually humbled and inspired by them and by all the new women who show up each and every month. 

Q: What is your dream or grand vision for the New Moon journal?

A: That it provide women with solace and inspiration, knowing they have the power to shift their experience and to manifest their dreams, no matter their current circumstances. And stay tuned for the Full Moon Circle...