Province Apothecary

Portrait of Julie Clark, founder of Province Apothecary by Jenna Marie Wakani

Portrait of Julie Clark, founder of Province Apothecary by Jenna Marie Wakani

Sometimes you meet magical witches of the north, like Julie Clark from Province Apothecary, located in Canada. I first caught sight of this goddess at the Indie beauty Expo in Los Angeles, where I had a moment when looking at her products. I felt this high vibration coming from them — they almost seemed to levitate off the table and into my hands. I didn’t buy any products from her that day except for this little golden incense holder that was so simple, beautiful yet felt very spiritual & activating. 

Later, that same weekend, we both happened to be at a Apothecary Pop Up event, which included conscious beauty brands and meditation/ ajai alchemy by my girl Fern Olivia. I sat next to Julie in our group meditation circle, and I knew that she would be somebody that I could be friends with. It sounds like we engage in very similar activities, like attending regular mediation gathering with friends (a great way to have fun and get your mindfulness on). Later that day I got to try her moisturizing cream as a giveaway from that event, and it traveled with me everywhere in June. This cream was so hydrating, milky & yummy, so small that it fit in my pocket. My body drank that sh*t up and I cooed every time I applied it to my skin. While I haven’t tired the whole line, I trust that there is a lot more to fall in love with.

Q&A with Julie Clark, founder of Province Apothecary

Q: What is Province Apothecary and why did you open shop?

A: We are an organic, green skin care company. We hand make our products in Toronto and we have a skincare clinic where we give custom organic facials. Our passion is skin and teaching our clients and customers about green beauty and what their skin needs. 

Q: Why did you choose to open in Canada?

A: I'm originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia and I moved to Toronto, Onatario after leaving in NYC for 4 years. Canada is home!

Q: What does is it mean to you to be a “natural" aesthetician?

A: I’m a natural and holistic aesthetician, so I refuse to use any nasty chemicals or toxins on the skin. We use lots of food in our treatments and 100% green beauty products that we hand made. My focus is on education. Everyone is so different and their skin requires different techniques and ingredients, I love teaching our clients about their skins needs. I love facials because it is a time for someone to truly relax, and everything we do in a facial helps regenerate + rejuvenate their skin, relax and release tension from their muscles, stimulate their lymphatic system and promote healing at a cellular level. 

Q: What are some of your go-to Province Apothecary products right now?

A: I'm heading to Halifax to see my family and in my bag I have our Hydrating Rescue balm, I use it 10+ a day to keep my lips and hands hydrated. I have our moisturizer oil cleaner, a custom face serum, our regenerating exfoliator, our new eye serum and our No. 19 parfum botanic. I keep my routine extremely simple. 

Q: How do you go about formulating the product?

A: I am a certified aromatherapist and holistic health practitioner, and a studying herbalist. I formulate from ancient herbal wisdom and scientific research.

Q: Do you have a favorite plant ingredient?

A: I love our new beauty complex that we just launch in our eye serum and will be in our new Clear Skin Advanced line. It is a powerful blend of calendula, comfrey, plantain and gout kola infused in organic jojoba oil.

Q: Walk us through a day in your life.

A: Lately things have been busy, we are opening a store and production space in Toronto. I start off the day at the new space, trying to catch up on emails, see how everyone is doing and what they are working on ten I check in on products and what's getting made that day if their are any custom orders. I then head to the treatment space and see clients or work with my aestheticians at our skincare clinic, we are constantly trying new ingredients and making new products. It's so wonderful to have the opportunity to do this!

Q: What are some of your non-negotiable wellness practices or alternative treatments that you must do throughout the week?

A: exercise, meditation and sleep are my must haves. I love getting acupuncture, massages and Tom treatments whenever I have time!

Q: Are Canadians hip to alternative health and wellness?

A: I think so! Our whole team is and all of my friends are! It's so fun to get together and do mediation or make a healthy dinner. 

Q: What books are you reading right now?

A: Right now I am reading a few books on facial acupuncture. We are bringing it into the clinic, with a certified naturopath! 

Q: What is your grand vision for Province Apothecary?

A:  One day I hope to see our organic custom facials availed world-wide! 

Q: What ingredients make for a Super Life?

A: clean water, fruits, vegetables and beans! I'm having a true love affair with beans lately! My husband and I are making some amazing curries with them!