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The Egg Rethought with Dr. Beth Ricanati

I am getting asked much more frequently if it’s ok to eat eggs, and if so, what kind of eggs? Yes! It’s ok to eat eggs, and when possible, pasture-raised organic is the way to go.  I eat eggs every single week. 

Big eggs, small eggs, brown eggs, white eggs, cage-free eggs, organic eggs?  I haven’t always given them much thought.  I just grabbed whatever eggs were at hand.  Then we moved across the country to southern California. I quickly discovered that not all eggs are created equal.  Once I got over my childhood memory to not eat too many eggs (too much cholesterol, or so I was told then, by non-doctor well-meaning family members), I had to get serious about what eggs to purchase.  I love eggs; I love them scrambled, in omelets, hard-boiled and soft-boiled (oh I could rhapsodize about the egg cups alone for a while).  Given a choice, I want brown eggs.  They seem more real to me, more authentic.  I want cage-free, organic brown eggs.

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