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Featured as a Woman in Wellness on Vidya Living

"In this world, where life is fast and furious and sometimes tough, there’s nothing more important than intimate and authentic connections with a loving community of sisters. This monthly Q&A series is all about sharing some of my favorite women in wellness and how they shape, shift and uplift others to live life more fully. This month’s feature is the lovely Alexa Gray of Super Food Super Life. Alexa is a connector in the wellness world, she brings amazing businesses together and co-creates incredible interviews, events and programs. A trained fine art photographer based in L.A., she loves behind the scenes interviews with natural product pioneers, which inspire her readers with informative stories from the front lines of the healthy lifestyle movement. This beauty also joins us in Malibu at the IWR Retreat each year to photograph the magic that happens at our oceanside retreat. Thrilled to welcome Alexa…!"

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The Egg Rethought with Dr. Beth Ricanati

I am getting asked much more frequently if it’s ok to eat eggs, and if so, what kind of eggs? Yes! It’s ok to eat eggs, and when possible, pasture-raised organic is the way to go.  I eat eggs every single week. 

Big eggs, small eggs, brown eggs, white eggs, cage-free eggs, organic eggs?  I haven’t always given them much thought.  I just grabbed whatever eggs were at hand.  Then we moved across the country to southern California. I quickly discovered that not all eggs are created equal.  Once I got over my childhood memory to not eat too many eggs (too much cholesterol, or so I was told then, by non-doctor well-meaning family members), I had to get serious about what eggs to purchase.  I love eggs; I love them scrambled, in omelets, hard-boiled and soft-boiled (oh I could rhapsodize about the egg cups alone for a while).  Given a choice, I want brown eggs.  They seem more real to me, more authentic.  I want cage-free, organic brown eggs.

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New Moon Journal

The new moon has arrived in the sign of Capricorn, and what a strong energy it is. This morning in yoga class, my teacher Guru Jagat, owner of the Ra Ma Yoga Institute,  said “this strong father like energy is asking us what is true value? What are your values? How do you express your values in your everyday life? These are important times to get clear on our answers and to share our gifts with the world around us. 

We can use the rituals of the new moon as expressed in the new moon journal, created by Paula Mallis and Danielle Beinstein, to slow down, go inward, and actually find out the answers to these types of question and then ask the universe accordingly for what we want. 

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