Sun Warrior

From the left: pure synergy (extra greens), three sisters tonic by jing herbs (beauty tonic), bee pollen (great source of protein), Udo's 3.6.9 blend of oil (essential omega fatty acids), stevia english toffee sweet drops (who doesn't want their smoothie to taste like toffee? And oh yeah, there's no sugar, it's made from the stevia plant!).


Regarded at the BEST new protein from Sunwarrior Protein is a fantastic (raw vegan fermented brown rice) plant-based protein powder that is free from chemicals, genetically modified ingredients and full of essential amino acids. This protein powder has no chalky grit like other powders, is absolutely delicious and supports seamless nutrient absorption into your body. 

 Helpful hints:

  • This is a great protein powder for kids! You can make it taste like a chocolate smoothie by mixing it almond milk, banana and cacao. 
  • You can add in all your favorite super foods to the blend to enhance efficacy of vitamins and minerals. I have listed some of my favorites about.  I also love using Camu Camu berry. It has an more vitamin C than an orange and keeps your immune system on top of its game. 
  • If you need to add in extra sweetness I like to use stevia. Try the English Toffee, it’s divine!