When it comes to eating healthy foods, my daughter (age 17) and I needed some guidance.  Alexa educated us about foods that maintain a sense of fullness, correct portion size, nutrition, along with healthy options and substitutions.  She takes into consideration the whole body including exercise, age and stress level of the individual. We really appreciate her knowledge and wisdom.  Now we have a better focus when we prepare our meals and a better understanding of the nutrients that our body needs.


Linda Glaser

Los Angeles, CA


Alexa has done great work with the clients at Alternatives! She has taught them ways to improve their physical well-being in a holistic manner that fits incredibly well with our overall goals and mission. 

Dr. Adi Jaffe, Ph.D. 

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Alternative Behavioral Health LLC. 

West Hollywood, CA


Hello! My name is Janika and I am 16 years old. I am both a competitive swimmer and a student. Being both of these things requires me to get both lots of nutrients and calories so that I can get the most out of my training while staying awake in school. I didn't feel like I was getting the level of nutrition that I needed. I felt slow and sometimes felt like I had no energy in practice. After meeting with Alexa, she recommended not only some healthy and yummy foods for me to try, but also some simple lifestyle changes. The recommendations she made were small changes and additions to my diet and daily activities, but they worked great! Starting with small things that I could improve on helped me not feel overwhelmed with changes, but also so that I could see and feel some changes. It didn't happen overnight, but working with the things that Alexa suggested has helped me a lot with my energy level and also performance. I feel like I have the energy to accomplish what I want to do now!

Janika H. 

Mar Vista, CA 


I knew that as the parent it was my job to model and set healthy patterns for my kids.  However, when it came to healthy clean eating, I was about to throw in the towel and tell my kids to eat whatever they wanted.  The angels must have heard me because low and behold, I was introduced to Alexa Gray.  What a breath of fresh air.  Positive and loving, Alexa Gray cleaned out our refrigerator and pantry and replaced our snacks and staples with healthier products and choices.  A bit apprehensive about how some of the changes would be received by my kids, I was surprised and relieved to find that they not only liked the new foods and meals she made, but she has turned my daughter on to cooking. Additionally, having worked with Alexa now for about a year, I especially grateful for the core values she lives by and brings to the table.  It has been a joy to have her on my team in raising my kids not only with healthy eating habits but also with a healthy awareness of themselves and others.

Cheryl T.

Santa Monica, CA


I have consulted Alexa on numerous occasions for information and counseling regarding my own digestive troubles and desire to correct them. With every question or concern I have, she listens attentively and responds kindly, clearly and lovingly with  wisdom that soothe my nerves and keep to the path of sustaining a healthful life practice. I cannot speak enough to the sincere, caring person she is. I believe it is her genuine concern for whole body (and mind) health that make her such an inspirational and incredible healer.

Jennifer S. 

Age, 27

Arrowhead, CA


Working with Alexa gave me the chance to validate my self-care necessities. Her ability to connect with clients is unique to a professional life/health-coach practice. Not only was she willing to help me foster happiness but she readily helped me plan out specific goals in order to achieve personal, spiritual, and dietary success. I would recommend Alexa Gray’s services to anyone who wants helpful rigidity in order to actualize goals—and especially someone who desires to be encouraged in all steps of the process. This being said, clients must be comfortable and open to share of themselves and their wants/needs in order to extrapolate the benefits of the program.

Alex A.

Age, 19

Beverly Hills, CA


Working with Alexa as my Health Coach has been such a joy! I look forward to our sessions because she allows me to tap into my true desires and find clarity in my life. Her voice and energy are calming, positive and relaxing. She is especially great at helping me establish goals and holds me accountable every step of the way! When I have a stressful day Alexa will walk with through a deep breathing exercise and allow me to let go of all of the tension in my life. I have learned so much form Alexa and am thankful to have her as my coach!

Angela S.

Age, 23  



I am so happy that I found Alexa Gray and Super Food Super Life! I was conditioned, physically and emotionally, to placate myself with only what I knew from my past, all harmful conditioned vices. Super Food Super Life has completely helped me gravitate away from the unhealthy desires and cravings and has taught me to spiritually breakthrough to healthier choices for my mind, body and spirit. I am so grateful to have such support! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Michael A.

Age, 45 

New York City